Stay Safe Winter

Dear Guest,
to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and safe holiday, following the latest provisions of the Law Decree no. 172 of 26 November 2021, we would like to answer some questions regarding the Green Pass requirement in accommodation facilities. What is the difference between the basic Green Pass and the Super Green Pass?
The basic Green Pass can be obtained by the prove of a test with a negative result, which is valid for 72 hours if it is a molecular test or 48 hours if it is an antigenic test. The Super Green Pass is obtained through vaccination or after recovery from the virus, and is valid for 9 months from the last vaccine administration or from the recovery certificate. Do I need a Green Pass to stay in your facilities?
Yes, you do. According to the Decree rules, you must have a basic Green Pass to stay in accommodation facilities. Do I need a Green Pass to eat in your restaurants?
Yes, you do. Our restaurants are also open to external customers who are not staying at the establishments, which is why, according to the Decree rules, a Super Green Pass is required to enter the restaurant and sit down to eat.

For any doubts, please refer to the official websites of the Italian governing authorities, such as

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