The Group Vacanze col Cuore

By choosing Vacanze col Cuore you will discover a world in which there are no huge structures with thousands of guests, but small realities immersed in nature, situated in wonderful places. In Italy the destinations are along Lake Garda, on Lake Idro, among the hills of Chianti or in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, all the way to green Holland.
Comfort and quality time on holiday are our priority, along with the opportunity to stay in nice accommodation in the middle of nature. You have a wide choice of comfortable glamping accommodation, from Tent Lodges, Air Lodges, Safari Lodges, Cottage Next, Coco Suites and Bohemian Lodges. 
For your well-being, our lodges have swimming pools with slides, Top Class restaurants, entertainment and animation with activities such as pony rides, pizza baking and mini-disco. For adults, we also offer culinary activities such as wine tastings and Italian evenings. In other words, fun for couples and families, young and old.
And to make sure you have a carefree holiday, we have also banished cars. Thanks to our outdoor car parks, you'll find plenty of car-free areas where no cars are allowed, so there's more space and your children can play carefree.


Vacanze col Cuore.
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