Nearby Lake Idro

Nestled between mountains and wild woods, Lake Idro is located on the border between Lombardy and Trentino, and its shores delimit the Valle del Chiese.
Over the centuries people and cultures have alternated in this area, leaving behind fortifications, castles and places to visit of historical and artistic importance.
During your Winter Glamping holiday you can explore the area, taste the local cuisine and rediscover the pleasure of contact with nature.

Most beautiful villages to visit

Retrace parts of Italy's history.


Around Lake Idro Winter Glamping you will find medieval villages, churches and military fortresses. The little townships around Lake Idro were once fishermen's villages, and still retain their beauty, with alleyways, arcades and courtyards. Very peculiar in this sense are the villages of Anfo, Lemprato and Crone. The Rocca d'Anfo, a military fortress built in the 15th century by the Venetian Republic and renovated in 1800 during the French occupation at the express request of Napoleon Bonaparte, is definitely worth a visit. It became the headquarters of Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Battle of Monte Suello in 1866.

Cheese and local gastronomy

Don't miss the opportunity to taste the typical products.

For lovers of good homemade cuisine, a stay at Lake Idro can be a truly unique experience. Among local products you’ll find cured meats, game, lake fish and the exquisite Bagoss cheese, which is produced exclusively in Bagolino. Typical dishes include malfatti, pasta al salmì, spiedo bresciano, game stews, fried fish and polenta with Storo flour.

Hiking in nature

Rediscover the pleasure of being outdoors.

On clear autumn days, but also in winter, you can take long walks in the unspoilt nature surrounding the lake. Lago Idro WInter Glamping is located right on the lake shore, nestled in the mountains, about twenty minutes from a protected nature area.

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